Thursday, April 11, 2019

ComC Crazy

Last week I had posted about me going Card Barrel Crazy. Well, I also went a little ComC Crazy too.

Here are just the highlights, all Braves of course.

I wanted the Base 2011 Smoltz variation, the parallels were cheaper than the base. All qualified for the Lincoln files.

Lots of Blue Sapphire edition going on here. They're shiny, but I think it is too much.

2 more Sapphire cards (these are so bad) and 2 more of the Christie Brinkley set. I'm down to just needing the Galarraga.

Scooped up some relics too, also all qualifying for the Lincoln files.

Hitting up some missing Heritage.  The Phillips card is the action Variation so that is 1 more off the list. I have no idea why Topps made 3 different variations of this Phillips that year. I need 2 more.

These were supposed to be 1 and dones for me, but apparently only 2 of them are. The Shipley replaces a severly gum stained card to finish off that set. The Cooper polishes off the 2000 Upper Deck set for me.

I will have a part two post of the ComC Craziness.

It's been a busy sports week or two, Hockey, Basketball, Golf, and of course Baseball. Doesn't even come close to all the sports action this month.

Have a great night and upcoming weekend.


  1. Great cards, I like the Smoltz Minted In Cooperstown parallel in particular. COMC is so addictive, you can really stock up on low-end parallels and relics like these without spending too much money.

  2. I recently bought my first of those Sapphire parallels off COMC as well. I'm excited to see what they look like in person.

  3. I spy a Maddux promo card I need for my binder.

  4. That partial Smoltz rainbow sure is great!