Friday, January 6, 2017

Promos, Inserts, and Oddities

I'm trying to clear a path through my house while I'm home in Florida. I mailed some packages out rather boxes. That was a little progress, but not near enough. So, I started with the oldest cards sitting around.  They were/are just what the title of this post says they are. I got these over the summer and truly meant to post them back then. I scanned a ton of them today and will be breaking them up into sections.

I'm starting off with an all Coca-Cola theme. It will be the only "long" one.

These 3 didn't scan well, sorry. With the recent Christmas post I made, many of these would have been nice to have them in with those, but no I had to put them into a box and let them sit around for 6 months.  No longer..  Done.

I'm not sure how many I'm missing from this set, I know that I am missing at least 1.


Another thing I am noticing (just now) is that I didn't group the Santa inserts together from the different sets as Coke ran them continuously.

More from the Santa series'.

More Santa.

These phone cards were issued in Dec. Coinciding with Series 3 card set I guess.????

These were issued in April 1996 following after Series 4 cards.

Vertical view.

the horizontal view/

Pay close attention to the back of the 2nd card down on the left side

It is the only card from the series (from which I own) that has a secondary serial number? in the bottom left. I have no idea why.

When posting the other "promos and such" I will show the backs, and will keep it shorter.


  1. Replies
    1. Just finished putting the majority in my Coca-Cola binder, turns out a few were dupes.

  2. Pretty sweet Cke collection. I inherited a 52 Coke machine Faron my grandfather. Pristine shape. Still works

    1. SWEET! Is it the low chest type? Or vertical with the cokes on the side? When I was a kid we had "access" to one of those, operated on a dime, pun intended.

    2. PS, those were just additions to the coke collection.

  3. It's an upright machine. Yes it works on a dime

  4. The one that's SN is because it's a $25 card instead of the standard$1 or $2. Neat stuff.

  5. Santa and holograms are a wonderful mixture.