Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Some good stuff

I briefly mentioned some vintage I picked up recently, so my time is tight so let's get to it.

That first Leaders card (top left) is not in the greatest of shape with that crease and all, but these were all needed Braves for the team collection.

That put a huge dent in those needs. I even got a few for the set build which that wantlist is now showing needs, as I only had a dozen Haves listed previously.  You see I grabbed up a bunch, most of what I grabbed was 1964 Topps. Let's look at some more.

I do have a few more to check off the list and scan, but that is another post.

These are just some of the highlights. I probably knocked out half or more of the set with lots of doubles which came in handy for the PCs. One might think that was enough to call it a good day. But, it's not even close.

More Braves.

Nope, these don't do it either.

Mr. Cub wasn't the key for me either.

Kaline Rookie, nice but not it.

A little rough on the top corners, but I now own 1 of the 3 Hank Aaron rookies that I need.
I'm still crying or my pockets are. But this one is mine.


  1. WOW congrats that is a beauty. Hammerin Hank! Buried the lede there, didn't you?

    Hank and Willie ten years older is a pretty great pickup, too.

    1. Yeah, my card budget is shot to hell for awhile, Although I am hoping to meet up with Tony L in a couple of weeks in Macon. We''ll see.

  2. Wuuuuuh. That's crazy. Wonder if I ever come across a '52 Robinson I'll have the guts to pull the trigger.

  3. I'm not even sure I have ever seen an Aaron rookie card in person... let alone hold one... or better yet... own one. Congratulations! Amazing addition to your collection.

  4. WOW!!!!!!!! Congrats on all the great additions. That Aaron is a beauty.

  5. Amazing, amazing additions to your collection! I can't tell you how much I love seeing those iconic vintage cards. Seeing your Aaron RC I had to pull mine out of the box and admire it.