Saturday, January 21, 2017

Shadow Shots

Another theme that has been resting.

I see a Gator going after a fish that jumped.

Could be a hook, but I really see an upside down reverse negative (lol) question mark.

I see that cartoon blonde girl from the cartoon with the boy genius. I can't think of the name right now, but you know the one.

 This one could be anything, you call it.

Nothing special "in" the shadows, just I like it with the 5 player shadows on one card.


  1. I originally saw a scorpion on the Cook card, but as soon as I read "gator", that's what I saw too. As far as shadows go... that's the only one that jumped out at me this round.

  2. I see the gator. You totally lost me on the LOL thing. Guess I'm too old.

    1. on the question mark if you flip the card upside down it would be in reverse to the LOL was referencing a reverse negative baseball card thing.