Friday, January 27, 2017

Franken Friday

Finally made it up to the last pre-scanned pages (#19) from late in 2015. I started this Franken-Set (Jersey Numbers) posting theme at the beginning of 2016. I should have cleared 52 numbers last year. But, that huge deal plus a few others threw that plan in the can. Either way, we move on to #19. I will have to scan some more next time I am home (FL). I think I will keep it to the first two pages as I did the first time (some of the numbers have a lot of pages). One of these days I will get to the other 4 or 5 Franken Sets I've put together. At least I have them for years to come, LOL!

I couldn't decide who would get the center spot, Yount or Gwynn.

I need to replace that Royals Conine (put it behind the Marlins card on page 1).

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  1. 1993 Topps Chad Mottola...I remember when that was an in-demand card.