Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lots of Stuff from a lot of people

I had a lot of cards waiting on me back in Florida. I scanned most but not all, I will get those done when I go back to FL next time and then I will be bringing my scanner with me. I had a ton of cards waiting on me in Georgia too when I got back and those will have to get scanned too.

 First up are the highlights from a HSCA (Brian) package.

Brian even included some vintage Braves for me, but he didn't stop there.

Brian even threw in some Elways.

Speaking of Elways I picked these up from 4 different Ebayers.

It's always good to add an Elway that I didn't have.

These Jim Dandies are the highlights from the Night Owl (Greg). No, he didn't send me a second Aaron rookie, but I wouldn't mind if he did, lol.

Julie (A Cracked Bat) got back in the game too.

Some Big Dawgs there. I want to say Thanks to all of these bloggers: THANKS!  there are some more that I need to get scanned up, but have to wait til I get back to my scanner.


  1. Brian and Greg sent great assortments! Love 61 Topps! Glad you enjoyed the cards John! I appreciate your generosity!!