Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

I haven't done one of these since last year. Okay, that was dry humor, but it is true. November 30, was the last Wacky Wednesday post.

Own some, in fact just put a huge hurting to someones want list.  One of those feel good moments. I can't believe what some of those stickers are worth. Seriously, they came out in 1985, are you freaking kidding me, you have to check them out. Pricey even on Comc. Now only if the ANS Wacky Package stickers would carry that kind of clout.

Used to buy it, no need anymore.


Back in the 70s, I remember my mom buying a couple of tubs. I was never a fan though.

Yep, still do.  Good for the potassium and blood pressure.  Eat up you young whooper snappers.


 Yep,  cool title card for when we bloggers want to rant.

Still get a hankering for one every now & then.

And finishing up with another yes. 100% today. Although I prefer Mt. Dew.

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