Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

We are playing the back 9 with the ANS Series 5 Set.

yes, used it, own more than one and undoubtedly will buy more.

yes, but as a kid Beefaroni was my favorite. As an adult every now and then I will buy the Ravioli minis, after all I am a bachelor.

nevery tried these, but I have the Crescent Rolls.


99.9% positive at least one of my girls had one.


Yes, and I still like them.

never tried the break 5 candy bar.

100% sure one of the girls had one  (or a ton) of these.


  1. My daughter had both of those little girls toys. Lots and lots of them.

  2. The candy bar is called Take 5.. an underappreciated favorite in our house.