Thursday, October 27, 2016

I'm back

I have been out of town for a couple of days and didn't get a chance to post while I was away. I need to get some trade stuff scanned too. For now though I have these to show that came in via the trade route.

Nate Mack an OCTer out in Texas fired back at me with some vintage goodness. This Redman is currently the only one in my collection.

This card is dilemma for me. Why? You ask? Simple.... Had to have one for the Team set, another one for the set build, and another one for Spahn binder, but I could easily see putting another copy in the shadows stack. Obviously three shadows here. Makes it cool from that standpoint.

Break them down one at a time.  Interesting shadow to say the least.

In the few years that I've posted the Shadow shots, I've never kept them in a binder. I see one, throw it in a stack let it build up, and when it the stack gets too tall, I scan them. Quite often, I run into a card that has appeared before. This could be resolved by starting a binder and keeping track of what in it.

But, I already "track" so much I don't know....maybe next year.