Thursday, October 13, 2016

Box/Pack War (with a twist)

The other day I had journeyed across town which I seldom do, as I just don't like the traffic. While I was out that way, I decided to swing by the only Target here (I have 9 Walmarts within 28 miles). I had an itch, you know the one .......pack ripping itch. I picked some of those repack boxes from Fairfield, which apparently have changed their boxes. I grabbed one 10 pack box I was familiar with with the pinstripes, one of the new blue box 10 packs, and one 20 pack blue box. I will state this now upfront, I can't recall ever getting a hit from Target.

So, here is the twist for this Pack/Box War. I will first compare the two 10 pack boxes against each other, then the 2 of them combined versus the 20 pack box tomorrow.  At first I was just going to show the best card in each pack, but several packs had a couple if not a few choices. What I have done is scanned 1 page only of each pack, so if it had more than 9 cards  then I left out those which didn't come into play as far as I am concerned.

I am listing the packs  here so when we get to the scans , you know.

Pinstripe Box contained these packs:

2014 Topps Update, 2015 Topps Series 2 and Update, 2015 TSC, 2014 Heritage, 2014 Archives,
2015 A&G, 2015 Topps Opening Day x2, and 2012 Triple Play.

Blue 10 pack Box contained these packs:

2015 Bowman, 2015 Heritage, 2015 GQ, 2015 Topps Ser. 1 & 2 x2 each, 2015 Topps Opening Day jumbo pack, 1991 UD, and a 1988 Donruss.

Blue 20 pack Box contained these packs:

1991 Donruss x3, 2015 Bowman x4, 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth x5, 2015 Topps Ser. 1 x4, 2015 Topps Ser. 2 Jumbo, 2015 TSC, 2015 Leaf Heroes x2, and a single card bonus.

Here we go.

PS pack 1

For me the Seaver insert was/is the best.

Blue box pack 1

I have no standout favorites here.

Score PS 1- Blue 0

BLUE pack 2

I stated earlier this week on this blog how I feel about Bowman. I was thrown back a bit to see in each pack there base bowman, bowman prospects, and bowman chrome prospects. These were also 10 card packs so I pulled 1 from each.  This one did have the Green parallel in to the top right corner.

PS pack 2 & 3:

For me I have to go with the Trophy cup, the Blue box takes pack 2.

Score PS 1- Blue 1

BLUE pack 3:

Hands down Banks, BLUE takes pack 3.

Score PS 1- Blue 2

BLUE pack 4:

This was a jumbo pack hence the inserts and Trophy Cups which I needed all of them.

PS pack 4:

Clemens takes this pack. Blue wins again.

Score PS 1- Blue 3

BLUE pack 5:

That is a great Babe Ruth insert.

PS pack 5:

You know I am rooting for the pinstripes. I felt this was a no brainer when I was ripping the packs, but when comparing them, I don't know.  Blue again.

Score PS 1- Blue 4

Blue pack 6

Nomar is a PC guy.

PS pack 6:

Great Shadow on the Strasburg card.  TSC beats out pretty much anything.

Score PS 2- Blue 4

BLUE pack 7:

So so pack.

PS pack 7:

 Red Border Braves, yep PS wins this one for sure.

Score PS 3- Blue 4

BLUE pack 8:

2 Gold.

PS pack 8:

Archives Fan Favorites Certified on card autograph of a Brave, yep all even now. I guess that is a HIT. Works for me.

Score=  PS 4- Blue 4

PS pack 9:

A mini and an insert, we'll see.

BLUE pack 9:

Yeah I don't have to say a thing.

Score=  PS 5- Blue 4

PS pack 10:


BLUE pack 10:

Pack 10 for both boxes yuk. But I'll go with the Clemens and call these two boxes a draw and will have to decide which wins. I got the autograph HIT and the Red Border Heritage Brave from the Pin Stripe box, I declare the PS the winner.  Tomorrow I will only show the BLUE 20 pack box as you have these from today to compare them against.