Thursday, October 13, 2016

George Brett

Before I start the card show, wanted to give a shout out to John Hazen and AJ the Lost Collector.  AJ sent me one of those Richard Petty TTM auto's, thanks very much. And John sent me a whole bunch of 08 & 09 Bowman Braves cards. It really does drive me nuts trying to figure them darn things out with the BP, BDP, BCP, BDDP. One of the reasons Bowman is not one of my favorites although I am still set building their flagship, and need all the Braves from everything for the team sets. Thanks John much appreciated. Now Bowman vintage is awesome, most of the time you find them little goodies in great shape and they are not expensive for the most part, and usually a short set.

Yes, I showed ya'll that rookie back when I got it. I just updated his spreadsheet and put it in there. This is the deal where I got 2 one NM (the seller said, I say the y othate was EX-MT at best--either way it is awesome) from an Ebay lot of 75 Topps.

What a look on that 86. You can just hear his thoughts...... REALLY? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME.

Same as usual with the stickers, the other side as the fronts are the same.

Bretts' binder is starting to look pretty good with these additions.

Yes, I know that is the YOUNT showing on the SP card.  Brett is on th eother side. I have since pulled it and placed it with my Younts. So you will see it again,  eventually.....

New Total- 167

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