Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monday Mini

First, I must apologize for flip-flopping yesterday and todays' posts. There that is done.

Two votes this week, one for Pac Man sticker and the other for Saved by the Bell. Because one is somewhat of a small set and the other is 110 cards. I figured I do both, well start the second one  and finish it next week. Then the week after will be 1993 Marvel Universe.  No more voting. I will just pick one.


The backs are blank other than the peel here mumbo jumbo.

Well, it is an election year.

That's the end of the gobble dots. Now it's time for 4th period.


Tiffani managed her way onto the 90210 scene and into a few "photo shoots that I appreciated back then).  Elisabeth found her way into a few B movies, and a few good movies like "Any Given Sunday". Some nice shots of her too.  I never really seen too much of Lark, terrible things she had to go through.

Just a warm up, will do 5th and 6th period next Monday (unless I mess up again.).


  1. Good stuff!
    I think I had some Pac Man stickers back in the day, but different ones.
    Been re-watching through Saved By The Bell on Netflix.. super cheesey but fun to put on after a couple drinks.