Monday, October 24, 2016

1993 Marvel Masterpieces

Lots of comic book goodness here.

These cards may have been made in 1993, but they sure take me back to my childhood (the 70s) and comic books!

The view of the card backs.

Captain America looks too cool there.

I have lots of different Marvel sets and as time progresses will get to some of the others.

Now who is feeling like reading a comic book?


  1. They did a great job on these. I have a few...even though I am (was) a DC fan.

  2. Love those! Found a bunch when Kaybee toys was going out of business (there's a blast from the past).
    The Marvel ones were my fave (even thou I'm a DC fan too.)

  3. Very cool. I was never huge into comic cards, but had a handful of these as a kid and loved 'em. Some great artwork in there. And love how the backs show an old-school picture. Kinda like how Stadium Club used to show a small copy of the guy's rookie card on the back.