Friday, October 28, 2016

Vintage Jacksonville

Let's put most of the vintage I picked up at this months' card show in this post.

Yes, I know I grabbed dupes. That Mays/Musial card was probably the most expensive card I picked up that day.

I did not know I had grabbed 3 of the McCoveys though. I now have an extra one, lol.

I did know I grabbed the 3 on the top row, as I needed a total of 4 of those. One for the set build and then one for each of those players as they are all PC guys.

A lot of these are not in the best of condition, but many of them are in dang good shape.

There were other vintage cards too mainly Braves which are in with those which still need to be sorted, checked against the spreadsheet, then scanned. I will clue you in on the majority of what I came home with that day were Derek Jeter cards. Pretty sure there were over 500 of them with the dupes. Those too will have be sorted, checked, and scanned.

Have a great weekend!

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