Monday, October 10, 2016

Just Common

At first these cards I recently picked up at JC may seem like they are just commons.

And maybe the first 75% is, but they're not to me.

You see barring the bottom three 99' Fleer in the above scan, what we have are the 2016 base cards for my Braves team sets that I had forgotten about and was just sitting there in my cart.  At least until I went to grab my Heritage high numbers. OOPS!  Okay, done. Now I am still missing quite a few singles from all the brands for the team builds. But why would 2016 be any different from every other year. Its not for the most part.

I had also filled the cart with plenty of Braves Opee-Chee cards too. I can't wait until I run into a huge monster box full of OPC one day. Looking forward to getting those set builds started.

Knocked out the 80's decade, at least the ones Mehmet had in stock.

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