Friday, October 21, 2016

Jax Card Show part 1

Last Saturday I made the nearly 3 hour ride (1 way) to a card show at a dealer's card shop, I know him. He actually opened his 4,000 sq. ft. brick & mortar store earlier this year. BIG store, show wasn't impressive, in fact if it wasn't for (the show from vendors view) would have been a bust. I will break up what I brought home into groups with the Braves being the last in this series.

We'll start off with the "odd's & ends"

A Pair of 69 Deckle Edge.

This is the only Kellogg's I seen, at least it was from the first series.  There may have been more I just couldn't or didn't look through every box.

I actually pulled this beautiful Leaf card out of a quarter box.

Can't see it here, but this is the White border parallel.

In the end this set ran me $4.

This one too.

Actually grabbed almost 3 complete sets of these discs, short maybe 2 on the 3rd set.

Grabbed 2 of these which is perfect for my collecting needs. One to stay as a set and the other to be broken up.

There was only 1 of these update sets, oh well at least it is done.

I did get both NL & the AL boxed sets, but I grabbed a 2nd NL to bust up.

I also grabbed 3 boxed sets of the 1989 Donruss The Rookies. I even opened up 2 of them at the show to make the Jr was in them, and after seeing the first two being there I didn't check the third. Murphy's Law, when I got home  3rd box  no Griffey.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Got you covered. I have one in your next stack. It is 1992 MSA Score Hardees/Coke disc.