Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wacky Packages

Series 7.  Again from 1974, all backs are tan backs. Only the *, ** copyright variations. There are 33 titles with 2 versions of the GRIME. The Heavy Grime is the only sticker I do not have, it is very rare and often sells for $100.00 on the Bay. The Big Muc sticker was pulled late in production as is still available (I own both variations of this one, along with several others). I have the puzzle set, but do not have an unopened pack or a wrapper.

Oops, on the cropping, the one on the left is the ** version.

That is the 33 stickers, what is technically a complete set. I still want the rare Grime variation of course. What I really find amazing is just how many of these products can still be found today. Maybe Topps should've been advising WALL STREET for long term growth. LOL.

Here is the puzzle set.

I have a few dupes and here they are.


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  1. The L'oggs sticker is the ultimate '70s trading card. Set from the '70s featuring a product from the '70s.

    Love the Boozo sticker.