Monday, May 16, 2016

Big Deal

Still going strong on those boxes. Here's the next batch.

Serial numbered shiny card for the Clemens PC.

A couple cards of Kershaw for his PC.

These cards look so much better than they scanned.

Even found an auto.

PC add.

Great looking card for the Mays PC.

A need for the set build.

Last week NOC (Greg) posted something about Topps not having the copyright to "Heritage" I had commented about Donruss/Leaf having used the term for an parallel set for an insert set. Some of the other years looked better. One that stands out in my mind is the Carlton Fisk.

A very shiny card.

This was a complete set, but has since been separated in to the appropriate PC stack.

1 comment:

  1. That Pinnacle Mosaics insert is awesome. I thought about building that set a few years ago... but came to my senses when I realized I have way too many sets I'm building.