Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big Deal

Here is the second (technically third) post from the "Big Deal".

These boxes and I mean BOXES had a lot of surprises in them.

This should be a keeper, I haven't checked the 14 DKs against my want list yet, but in time I'll get to it, and in even more time I will scan them all.

Don't get excited this is not a vintage card.

I've shown the "non" Gold version of this card on what used to be Wacky Wednesdays.

I can't believe someone paid to have this card graded.  I will free it soon.

I guess I should tell you there were 2-3 monster boxes of basketball cards. Crying shame the Bird/Johnson card wasn't with this one.  LOL. Oh yeah.... and 3 monster boxes of football cards too.

I don't get this idea. It's not cool to me.

OOPS, I scanned the one card backwards, but the idea was behind this was put the two cards together and the black & white (although I wouldn't call it B/W) player photo would be colorized.

Yes, there were 4 monster boxes of baseball cards.  The card above is another card I just don't get. I like the Silver Signature part, but the Rogers & Denny both named on the front and only the "mug" shot of Denny.

here's the back of the card. Either way, this one is going in my Denny PC!

Now my 1986 Topps set is down to just ONE card. Clemens #661.

Now my 1987 Donruss set is down to just ONE #361 Bonds.

See Ya later.


  1. Would love to trade for the Terry Allen Pacifics, and any other oddball Redskins from the football box. And probably Capitals from hockey.
    I can crush a lot of your set wants and some Braves. We also share some player collections, so I have some extras that you don't have.
    Email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com.
    My wants are at

    I trade with Trading Bases on Yahoo and sometimes on SCF and TCDBase once in a while.