Saturday, May 21, 2016

Silly Saturday

The weekend is here and........ here are the cards that pop up next in the interesting and sometimes silly file.

Uh, curve ball right?

Absolutely makes no sense.

Play on words..... Angel...... Pagan.

Danggggggggggggggggg. Lokks like great grandpa out there.

Coming soon is a really cool motorcycle for the Sill files.

Clickity click.


  1. Looks like you might have a pretty expensive error card there

    1. dang it. I have no idea where I put it now. Scanned that awhile back. I don't keep the wacky cards just post them. Now I hope I didn't dump that card in the trade boxes. I better go do some digging.

    2. P.S. Thanks for the heads up, sadly the card I scanned is gone in one of those boxes I mailed out a couple of months ago. Fortunatley, I only use dupes for the wacky scans, so I went to my set and pulled the one out of there. Posting about this today.

    3. Was wondering what the story was behind that Kendrick. Topps and their gimmicks.