Monday, May 9, 2016

Highly Supported and Completely ALL OVER THE PLACE

Okay maybe that was a stretch for a title, but hey look what Brian sent me from HSCA.

First we'll start out with an insert for my Braves.

Then Brian moves to a PC. My Greenberg binder is shamefully lacking, and here only one fo these will make it into the binder as the A&G will go towards building that set.

Then Brian hits my Braves team needs with this vintage Burdette,

and this Pendleton.

Now this one has a couple of places it could go, the Diamond Kings binder, naw already have one there, so it has to go as a Braves insert which ultimately places this card in the Glavine PC.

Brian even managed to hit my Elway want list with the BLACK LABEL  Gold Label. a nice HIT!

But Brian was doesn't done bouncing all over my various collections......

He managed to find a new home for these Miller's.

The card above is just 1 of the John Millers' to play Baseball.

Here's another John Miller.

And his Rookie card too!

A couple more vintage Miller's.


Brian still had one more collection to hit.......

Rookie Cups, and man o man did he hit this one out of the park. They look so good sitting there together.

Brian thanks!


  1. You;d think there'd have been a few more guys named John miller to have played baseball - it seems such a common name. Regardless, Cracker Jack cards are always a treat!

    1. Just 6 John Millers'.

      John Barney Miller (1909-1921) "dots"
      "Bing" Edmond John Miller (1921-36)
      Robert "Bob" John Miller (1949-58)
      John Anthony Miller "Ox" (1943-47)
      John Ernest Miller (1962-67)
      John Allen Miller (1966-69)

  2. "completely all over the place" is right in my wheelhouse! Glad to see they made it to you safe and sound.

  3. I think if you played anytime before 1950 you were required to have a nickname.