Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Funday

This weekend I helped by buddy Bob (Flea market vendor) while he was in Vegas on vacation. I ran his booth and I stumbled across something I hadn't seen before, and this being an election year I figured I'd scan up what I found. Tying baseball and politics in a satirical way.

As you can see in the scan, this card is creased, but it is the only card that isn't MINT.

This is a 36 card set, and some of them are pretty funny. Not matter which way you sit atop the fence.

I could have scanned them in order, but decided to put the horizontal cards last.

And now for the 7th inning stretch (the last 7 cards).

Heads Up. I scored a ton this weekend. There will be a lot of trade bait. But, will take a long time to separate all of it, so I will put out a little at a time.