Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So you like Minis, do ya?

I mentioned recently that I scored big time this past weekend. Tonight I will start with the mini cards. Now, I've already put a lot aside for certain people, and pulled my PC guys and Braves. Everything you see here tonight is available for trade. I know a few of you folks are building (or already built) these sets. But here goes anyways.

Starting off with the Topps Kimball Champions.

Nest we have a few GQs, a Goodwin Champions, and a Mayo.

A few Miscellaneous A&G.

Base mini 2008 A&G.

Near complete set (missing #s 9, 11, and 20). 2009 World's Greatest Hoaxes.

The next few scans are base mini 2009 A&G.

Okay so I missed the 2012.

Next up are the A&G backs.

Next up are the Blacks.

The next batch were marked as SPs. I have no clue.

The following 6 are apart of the SP bag, but a couple have different backs.

The next batch are A&G backs.

Finishing up with the bag that is marked Rookies.

That is a lot of minis.


  1. Wow.

    I am down for any A&G mini dupes you want to get rid of.

    1. I already pulled the ones I am keeping, all of these are non wants. I also put some others that aren't scanned aside for you too. evil grin.

  2. i have to double check but I may need a few of the those 2009 ginter black minis....

  3. wow that's a lot of Mini's great pulls tho. :D