Monday, May 23, 2016

Back to the Big Deal cards

It's been a couple of days since I posted some of these cards. Believe it or not I am still sorting the cards I pulled out of those monster boxes. There are still 5 boxes that are full of cards from sets that I either have completed or just not building.  Like the 1996 Topps mostly the later half. Probably 10,000 cards from that set (again). Same thing happened last year with that haul my daughter gave me. So if you need series 2 1996 Topps, let me know.

A couple of "felted" Seaver's for the PC.

Vlad insert for the PC.

A Feller.

I scanned this card for some reason, I just don't remember right now. Sorry.....

A very bright Rickey.

Got a bunch of these oldie Fleer stickers, and yes a few have been set aside for youds guys whether you want them or not, hehe.

No, the "SP" is not written on the card, it's on the penny sleeve. Got a bunch of Heritage SPs. Cool!

Would've been nice for the right small Supial to be in there. But I ain't complaining.

Still have a long ways to go just covering the highlights, Braves, and the PC guys. And that is just the Baseball cards that I kept. I gave my buddy Bob the dealer a shoebox full of goodies as well as the 2.5 monster boxes of basketball cards and 3.5 boxes of football including as many "minis" as I got in the baseball.


  1. I always liked those felt cards.

    Card-supial?! Wow, another epic release by Pacific. Love them.

  2. I still have yet to add one of those Card-Supials to my collection. I'm oddly fascinated by them.