Saturday, May 7, 2016

Silly Saturday

Before I get to the few scanned cards for today's post, I need to mention one more card I accidentally left out of yesterdays post. Gavin also sent a Kris Bryant Perspectives insert, totally cool.

Now on to some cards interesting to me.

Sporting the ring.

Tennis racket, this one sits next to the surf board cards.


For the Blue Jays as they were called back then, the RED looks pretty darn good here.

What, I don't see anything.

My sweet. here's a kiss.....

Another pucker up.

This card makes it into my "No Hitter" pages.

Wrapping up with this cute one.


  1. That Kenny Rogers found it's way into my horizontal frankenset. That '95 Score had some good stuff.

    1. shoot me an email with the numbers you still need for that franken set.