Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Big Deal again

Here we go again, more samples from the Big Deal.

Topps and Beckett call this card an insert. I call it a parallel. The card front is identical other than the foil stamped "virtual reality", and the back is the exact same other than the card number is different. So it's a parallel, I say so.

A pair of Younts and I probably need both. Haven't checked them against my master list.

Cool Brett.

Go figure, it's a Braves card. Good thing it's Topps otherwise we wouldn't see any logos.  BTW, this is Sammons.

A few names there I remember watching back in the day when they were in the Majors.

The backs are full of tidbits.

Coll stuff.

I can't wait until I get enough Leaf (pre-1990) to make lists for all of those sets.


  1. Good stuff. I'd love to see a former-MLB-players senior league start up again. I think the world is ready for one this time!

    1. I think so too. I know that I'd catch a few games being in Florida where there would probably be a lot of them.