Monday, May 2, 2016


Okay, so I really didn't promise anyone anything, but I did mention yesterday about the binder I scanned yesterday. Here is a page from the multi-exposures.

The first quad figure. The first 3 were trips.

Technically, this isn't a multi-exposure, but it is my collection and I count it! HUH! LOL.


The second quad, but what I really dig about this card is how screwed up Upper Deck did this what should've been a horizontal card.

A duo/dou =  quad. Braves and Falcons, good for me.


  1. That Deion card is an absolute classic - love it!

  2. I remember going crazy when I got that Rickey and the Deion as a kid.

  3. That Boggs card is what I call a "faux-rizontal" and is a subcollection of my horizontal collection. I have some from Upper Deck, Leaf, Donruss, and Score. I can't think of any Fleer or Topps off the top of my head.