Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

On to the 1973 Series 4 from the Original Wacky Packages sticker sets. This set only has tan backs, but has 6 different copyright variations. There are 32 different stickers instead of the then normal 30. As usual stickers were pulled (Choke Wagon and Bum Chex) half way through production due to "legal" matters, but for the first time they were replaced with different stickers (Windhex and Mess Clairoil). They actually produced a checklist to accommodate the new stickers, although the first checklist is still available rather easily. The Bum Chex and Choke Wagon stickers however can be a bit pricey.

I am sadden to say that I have not completed this set. I do have 1/2 of them. I only have the 1* versions.

This one has a wrinkle.

Probably should have rotated some of these, oops.

Another oops.

This one has one of the copyright variations. I picked this up at the Tampa show last month.

That is all that I own. The missing titles are:

Wormy Packages
Grass Wax
Bum Chex
Choke Wagon
Mess Clairoil
Blue Beanie
Land O Quakes
Grazin Bran
Nutlees Quit
Mustard Charge
Both checklists and both puzzles, there were two puzzles A and B in this Series 4.

You can get more information (and pics) on Series 4 by clicking this link.     1973 Series 4

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  1. I have a handful of these someplace. I'll have to search them out.