Saturday, April 30, 2016

Silly Saturday

Just a few interesting cards to kick off the weekend.

Got to love the mispelling of Mark McGwires' last name.

These Sportflix sometimes don't scan very well, but at least you can see the face mask.

Stands for itself, so to speak.

Before there were intentional variation in cards, there were some that still to this day are not recognized as variations. As you can see these 3 have different colors in either the TSC logo and in the Extreme logo or better both.

Warming up the pitcher, remember doing this in little league?

I'm sorry every time I look at the back of this card I see a fish instead of the statue.  I have to look twice.

Finishing off with another Perez (he was in here last week).


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  1. There was I time when those Stadium Club Extreme cards confused the heck out of me. I was always wondering if certain colors were rarer than others.