Thursday, April 7, 2016

Trade post: The Junior Junkie

T.J. recently sent out packages across the country, but I had to wait a little while longer as my goodies came and went back to Louisiana then finally arrived here in quiet Ocala. Now this was a big package, so big I will need two or three posts just to cover the a portion of the cards he sent my way.

I've seen a lot of the front side of this card in the last week or two, so I figured I'd show the backside.

The next 11 cards are the Braves I needed for the "team sets".

I guess NOC isn't the only one missing team cards from the late 90's.

2016 Greatness. just my 2nd insert from this years flagship.

 White framed GQ from 2015.

No idea how I didn't have this one

My OpeeChee cards are lacking big time, and not just the team sets. I need/want them all for my set builds. Isn't that an awesome shot of Murph?

FINALLY! Closed out the 1998 Topps team set.

Yeah, I don't get the blurred batter in this pic. WHY? It is so distracting.

More 90's team needs.

The Boggs ATDK is for my Diamond Kings of course, but the rest are for my set builds which will be covering the next post and probably wrapping up on Sunday. I will say this I don't actually have a list made for the 1997 Leaf , the 2000 Topps, or the 2003 Standing "O", so I claim them all as needed until I get enough to actually make a haves list.


  1. You got a lot of players I consider stars since you collect a lot of 90's guys like I did.

  2. Yep, My PC guys are in one group I call Hall Worthy, even if I wouldn't vote them in myself. LOL. There are a lot of them that are in the Hall, many I wish could be like Murphy and McGriff, and plenty of the PED guys too. To think I don't even have even have half of them listed on my wants.