Thursday, April 21, 2016

trade post

Well, sort of a trade post. One of my fellow OCTers offered up through waivers some oddball baseball cards. I claimed any that were Braves. Here's what Tim Morales sent.

Complete set of the 1993 Duracell cards still sealed in their original cellophane wrappers. Only 2 of the 24 players are binder guys. That not to say the Baerga and Fielder cards wouldn't fit somewhere, maybe they're signing maybe one of the other minis. Unlikely, which doesn't matter as these are staying sealed anyways.

Another complete set of the 1988 MSA Fantastic Sam's disc set. I already have the Murphy so this works just fine.

And now for the the one's that made me make a claim. 1982 Topps sticker VARIATIONS.

This is the complete 48 sticker set. The Braves are the first two #'s 17, 21. I have no idea how to tell these apart from the regular sticker set though. For now I am leaving it as the set which means I still need the Braves variations for the Team set.

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