Tuesday, April 26, 2016


No pre-planned post tonight, therefore whipping something out of the scanned files.

1994 Topps had quite a few of these multi-exposure. Bagwell on this one makes this card a triple need (got all 3). Set build, Cameo, and Multi-Exposure.

1994 Leaf Puckett Cameo.

Another 1994 Leaf with a Birthday Binder guy.

1992 Leaf McGwire.

Another 1992 Leaf Braves card with Mr. Back Flip himself.

Seems like this first of 8 scanned weeks of Cameos are full of 1994 cards. Gary Carter.

Tony Gwynn on 1993 Upper Deck Crime Dog card.

O'Neill is a Birthday Binder guy.

Nice bang up play at the plate with Jr.


  1. 1994 Upper Deck Derek Bell card looks like it pictures Darrin Fletcher and not Gary Carter.