Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

As I posted last Wednesday, I do not have any series 1 (no big deal at the moment- they are the same as the cloth), nor do I have series 2. I do however have series 3.

There are 30 stickers and each has the copy write variations *, **. There is also a 31st sticker that is super rare, the Spit and Spill (Spic and Span) variation. There is also a SUPER rare white back variation, and it only comes with the rare Spic and Span. Those individual stickers are not uncommon to run across, but building a complete set of white backs is near impossible. Of course if you lived in the St. Louis area, you would have had a better chance. I have the 30 base tan back stickers, but not the 31st. Of course my set is a mixture of the *, **. I still want to complete both variations plus a separate 9 card puzzle set, empty wrapper, unopened pack, and a complete white back set too. Good luck with that I say to myself.

These 3 are doubles.

 3 n 1.

Although this is not as rare as the Spit n Spill, it is still a very tough to get sticker.

Have both variations.

For more info on the 1973 Series 3 Wacky packages click the link.

1973 Wacky Packages Series 3 INFO

See ya next hump day with Series 4.