Monday, April 18, 2016

Tuesday Trade Post

Mr. SUPER TRADER himself sent a bubble mailer my way. Not one dang gone baseball card either! Just funnin, but seriously there weren't any baseball cards. Just John Elway cards, not just Just either, there were several of those though. Wow, I guess I am amusing myself, so without further ado.....

I needed it. This is the Gold version.

Needed it.

Needed it.

Needed it. Elway only had 2 cards in 2015 Prestige (50% complete).

Needed it.

Needed it.

Needed it.

Mini version, and oh yeah NEEDED it!

And now for the Prize of the package.......

That used to be a $30.00 card, no idea what it is today, but I NEEDED IT! That is NINE John Elway cards in one package that I NEEDED. It has been so long since the Elway collection was hit like this.

Thank you Wes.

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  1. That's quite the grouping of Elways - very nice!