Thursday, April 14, 2016

Trade post

A couple of weeks ago Trevor P from the blog bump and run football reached out to me. He sent some set build needs for my collection.

I have to assume I need the 2015 Topps and the 1997 Leaf, as I've yet to make a list of what I have.

My Upper Deck lists are let's say lacking. Most of them (the lists) are haves lists. I figure with UD gone from the Baseball World as far as my collection goes, I will have plenty of time to get the sets or at least quantities of the cards to build sets and make those lists a Needs list. I am happier when I have enough of a set to make a needs list, especially when it is a short one.

For now they just go into my Upper Deck box, waiting until I have enough. thanks Trevor for getting me a little closer, and I'll pull some cards for you this weekend.

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