Monday, April 18, 2016

A Monday Mini Collection Post

Blah blah blah. Just kidding, it has been awhile since I posted something from my many "Mini Collections", One of those are athletes on cardboard signing. These have been stacked on top of my armoire all year, so I figure it's time to put them away. these are all new to my collection.

Signing a program.

Gold Medallion.

Silver signature.


Signing a football.

Autograph book.

You'd think someone would have held his cup for him, lol.

Almost didn't catch this one.

Yea, a Brave.

An insert and binder guy.

Cal, a binder guy.

This looks more like they were playing street basketball.

Such concentration.

Gwynn, binder guy and.....

Nice bat barrel too.

Another football player, and former Gator

Yes, I needed this one. I only had the micro version in this binder. I still need another 1993 Topps base that I only have the micro too.

Sheet of paper.

I see a bat that might get signed next....maybe. Belle another binder guy.

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff. I need to remember to track down some of these for my minicollection of getting cards like this autographed.

    That's gotta be a rare photo of Albert Belle signing for fans, as he was a notorious jerk. He probably saw the photographer right there and figured it'd be a good photo-op for him.

    btw, got your box yesterday.. Thanks! I'll post about it before too long.