Thursday, October 30, 2014

What happened?

The last post had nearly 2 dozen more players that was there when I saved that post before publishing it. I guess I will reload them here.

Anothiny Tony, close enough.

His counterpart Shawn Green, got one somewhere.

These two plus the comedian/actor who used to date Drew Barrymore.

That works.

Uh Duh and yes I have a Jr. Probably need to pull one from his resting spot in the HOF binders.

Another one father/son. I'm sure I have dad too.

Counterpart actor/comedian.

Gotcha! Brian Hunter had a counterpart that I have to pull one out of my Braves doubles. BTW, when I do the card dump BRAVES will be included. Just saying.

Catfish Jim Hunter.

The counterpart, another duh the basketball player.  Dont have one.

We all know who another MJ is, and yes I have one but it is in a complete set, guess I need to get a dupe.

Counterpart the actor best known for his role in Miami Vice as Sonny Crockett.

Another baseballer  probably better know as a MLB manager, but he comes to mind as a Brave and also a birthday binder guy. I have one for this binder just need to to get around to grabbing one.

The hotel.

Counterpart: the football Coach and Analyst.

Counterpart: Magic

Again my laziness here.  We all know the counterpart.

Lets try this again to see if they load this time.

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