Friday, October 3, 2014

Franken Friday

It has been awhile since my last Franken-Set post. Tonight we feature pages 43, 44, and 45. My "Franken-Set"  is made up 100% of Braves doubles.

Page 43: 9/9 completed.

Absolutely fantastic page for many reasons. 1) no repeated sets 2) no repeated players 3) good mix of products 4) some vintage like that 1966 Topps, the first year the Braves moved to Atlanta (side note 1966 was the first year for the Atlanta Falcons, and most prominent the year that I was born in Atlanta, LOL) 5) HOFer, and soon to be HOFer.

Page 44: 9/9 completed

Nice mix of sets although 6 are Topps including the Heritage Hudson, a couple of Gants, but overall okay thanks mainly to the Maddux (HOFer), and dual Fleer prospects card. That Treadway card makes for a great "Stirring it Up" mini collection, however I have long since dismantled that mini collection.

Page 45: 7/9

This page has a great start to an awesome page. With the likes of McCann, Kimbrel, and even Medlen. Throw in the Sonny Jackson vintage and the Rookie Cup, yep! I am looking forward to finishing this page.

I haven't checked any of the doubles this summer since I have been caring for my mom. Just letting them stack up and will get to them eventually.

Have a good weekend.

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