Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shop talk

Okay, I got to watch game one last night. As you folks know I am a Braves fan, therefore I root for the NL when my Braves aren't there. Why do I mention this? Because usually the NL has the underdog, but not this year. I'd like to root for the Royals, but I am loyal: first to the Braves, then the NL, sorry, but I do wish the best to KC.

Now I got a few cards in the other day, so why not post them here.

These two beauties came from OCTer  JimCraig. That Cannizarro was a big-time want, and Cloninger was a medium priority want.  one word:  SWEET! NOW IF I CAN JUST CLOSE THOSE TEAM SETS OUT.........

The two above and those below all come from fellow blogger Nolan Tucker, who sent me some return fire for a few cards I sent him. I thought that I needed that Diamond Sparkle, but after scanning it and putting it in its home, I had one. Nice Heyward Gold parallel.

Now I need one last Braves player from the 1992 US Playing card set. And yes, I did have that Aaron die cut, but I needed it for the Aaron HOF binder. Cool

Like the Aaron, I had this one already, but go figure I have a binder for McGriff too and needed it there.

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