Friday, October 31, 2014

Franken Friday

Another week has come and gone. Which brings us to my Franken-Set Binder which is made up 100% from Braves cards that are duplicates + (they may also appear in the mini collections as well).

I do NOT swap out the cards, once that number slot is filled the card is a permanent resident in that slot. Earlier in the year I made mention that I was considering doing a second Franken-Set, but that has now changed as I have decided to part with some of the duplicate Braves cards (I have apx 10K) that I have in the upcoming card dump.  I have limited my Franken-Set to the 800s to keep it manageable. With that said lets look at the next three days.

PAGE 49: 9/9  COMPLETED Numbers 433-441

Great mix which the exception of the dupe Fleer set, but I can live with that. After all, it is the Mad Hungarian and a Miller.

PAGE 50: 8/9  Numbers 442-450

Awesome mix, players, brands, and sets. Just needs number 449.

PAGE 51: 9/9 COMPLETED Numbers 451-459

Perfect mix of players brands and sets.  I like the fact that this page has a vintage 73 and also sports (pun intended) a bunt card.

Enjoy the weekend

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