Monday, October 20, 2014

More Kings

Trying to get these Diamond Kings wrapped up. I really want to complete the (subsets/insert) run of these DKs. One of these days I will get a want list put together, lol.

1988 Complete other than the puzzle.


Okay, I decided to cheat a little otherwise I wouldn't be able to finish next week.

1989 only need three more grace, d henderson, and mattingly   17, 20, and 26

Normally I wouldn't scan the puzzle, but this is the only one I have complete.

1990, ah look everyone's favorite card set, LOL.

I was going to do one more week, but besides the 1991 set I don't have many more.

1991 complete although I need 1 puzzle card for pieces 13,14, and 15 (Stargell's head).

See missing the top of his head.

Like I said I have very few others.

And in a previous post the 2014 DKs from Gavin. I hope that I didn't bore you folks to much with Dick Perez (most of them anyways) Diamond Kings.

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