Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Minis

Last week I mentioned one of my many "mini collections", Donruss Diamond Kings. Today will highlight them.

1982 was the first year for the Diamond Kings subset.  Leading off (pun intended) is Pete Rose. I can not wait until one of the Commissioners removes his ban from baseball. Pete deservedly has a spot in the Hall of Fame in my book.

Vida Blue surprises people from time to time when they find out that he isn't in the HOF.

One of Detroits lifers.

A feared hitter in his day for sure.

In 1983  Donruss used the same basic layout from the 82 set. The biggest distinguishing feature is the card backs one set is blue (82) one is black (83) and both say 1982 copyright. The 1984 set had a slightly different front and the back is green and states copyright 1983. In 1984 Donruss really started to change up (pun intended again) the card base, which I like very much, the completely different from one year to the next that is. Not sure which is really my favorite, but no biggie.

One of my favorites of course!

Another shocker. Parker had one heck of a career, and I was always on the edge of my seat when he was batting against my Braves.

Do I really need to say anything?

Sorry George for not cropping that a little better. All in all I have 7 of this set so far.

I need just none more 1982 to complete that set.  I will continue tonight with the 1983 set.

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