Thursday, October 30, 2014

More of the Name Game

Picking up where we left off previously on the Name Game, with a few last minute updates thrown in.

This Danny also played a little Basketball, although I gave nearly all of my basketball cards away. I am pretty sure I can get one of these back in the future, so no biggie.....I will get one.

(Edit) I forgot to scan the two Sandy Alomars. Oh well, maybe next year.....just kidding I will get them in there before we make it to the Ys.

Here is one I totally forgot about. His counterpart would be the comedian/actor most notorious for his role in "Oh God"  I should be able to round up a card of him.

Just one of many father/sons in Sports that share their namesake. I do have the dad sporting those nifty Astros uniform in my boxes and will be sure to pull one before doing the card dump.

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