Monday, July 8, 2024

A John Elway update as well as a tidbit on Disney (Orlando).

 Just wanted to let you folks out there know just how I spent the weekend. You see I didn't go to the Jacksonville card show (I've only been once, maybe twice this whole year). No, instead I decided to hit those boxes of Elway cards, the non-dupes of course. 

Five binders (I did leave room in the first three for cards that could easily be had). The fourth binder is basically 2002-2008 of cards I have, with some extra pages inside. I do not like shifting cards around when adding (I have to do that with my Braves far too often). Then again, that could be because I have been actively updating the Braves binders monthly. I certainly have no intentions of doing that with the "Elway Binders". Maybe.....maybe once a year, but that is really pushing it.

There is certainly several more binders needed for the non card Elway stuff like magazines etc. So pretty sure 2 or 3 more to handle that. Not sure when I'll tackle that task. Shouldn't be too difficult though. 

Anyways that the current situation with the cards. I will say that there are still some that need inputted to TCDB. As is stands right now it shows me at 1,479 and still in 6th place. That probably ain't changing whether or not I ever add more too it. #5 is about 500 cards more than me and #1 is 2400 cards more than me, and lastly #7 is about 500 cards behind me. I think I am good. Elway has roughly 15,000 cards (TCDB shows 13K+) Beckett has it closer to the 15K so I guess I have roughly 10%. 

More good news away from cards is that Disney/Orlando trip has been booked. The little guy is looking forward to it. We leave Friday July 19 and return late Sunday the 21st. 

Have a great night folks.


  1. Disney trip sounds fun. My one Elway card (yes, one) won't help much.

  2. That's so cool that you're taking your grandson to Disney World. The older I get, the less interested in going back to Disneyland (or any Disney establishment). But some of my fondest childhood memories involve going to Disneyland as a kid. Hope you make some really cool memories there with your grandson.

    1. Yes, this is probably going to be my last contribution to the Disney Corp. in my life. I am hoping that E gets some memories to carry with him and his mom too. She doesn't remember her trips :( at his age. I don't believe the other three girls remember much either. Then again, I did so much stuff with all 4 that Disney certainly would have taken the back seat, lol.

    2. People have different levels of memory. My friend remembers a lot of her family vacations when she was a kid, while I only remember specific ones that were very memorable for one reason or another. Part of it for her is that they took photos and the family added certain ones into photo albums. My parents didn't really do that.

      Your daughter might not remember her trips... but I'm guessing this one will be very memorable for her and her son.