Monday, October 18, 2021

The rest of the story:

 No, this isn't a post about the late great Paul Harvey (or his son). This post is more cards from the October Jax. card show. I bought cards from several dealers, four of which were all quarter cards. I will begin those later this week. A few other purchases were on the menu for certain. I will highlight those tonight.

A bit creased, but I added a couple more 53' Bowman colors.

From this same seller I also added these less than perfect cards.

That Kell is in really good shape. The Valo cards are not dupes. One is a red back the other black back.

Two other purchases from separate dealers were these. I needed the Boog for my cup collection, just 2 more now. And the Spahn ..... notice it is numbered 10/10. Paid $15.00 for that one. Very happy.


  1. That's my kind of vintage right there!

  2. Early '50s off-condition cards just seem like they should've come out of the pack that way.

  3. 53 Bowman color is one of my all-time vintage releases. Nice Spahn relic!