Friday, October 29, 2021


 Finally, I get to start posting some of those files from my old laptop. Some of these seem so so old now. As far as obtaining them. You get my drift.

This was an Ebay win. 2021 Museum.The lot won did include the base Acuna with the base Anderson, but it was missing from the package. I contacted the seller, and he quickly got the missing Acuna to me.

The next 3 scans (plus the 1 above) are also from Ebay: seller 2Bros. More 2021 Braves needs.

The red's and blue's look great.

This next scan is from an OCT (Oldcardtraders) bud.

So is the next scan, just a different trader.

This one feels/seems like I may have actually posted them before the laptop went down. I still have three more posts from the recovered files. They are from the then SportLots haul. I have since received another SL order and posted those already. I will be happy to close the three very delayed posts out. Currently, I have nearly a thousand cards getting ready to ship to me from SportLots, with another 500+ in my cart. I will lots to post for the rest of the year. I have been without any help basically since the last card show. I hope to go the card show next Saturday (not tomorrow). 

Have a great weekend.


  1. I dont think I've seen a '53 Bowman B&W on the blogs before. The color set gets all the glory, and rightfully so, but it's nice to see both sets represented here.

  2. Museum base cards were always fun pickups for me. I haven't bought "lots" of these or Threads in years. Those colorful Prizms are some of my fave parallels. Again, I've managed not to buy any "lots" of these since 2019. Vintage Braves uniforms are some of the finest ever.

  3. Not a big Panini baseball guy, but those red and blue Prizms are stunning... especially since they go with your team's colors. Go Braves!