Sunday, October 10, 2021

Card Show posts begin.

 I'm going to start with just one item.

The complete 1969 Photo Stamp book for the National League. 

Definitely a dilemma for me. 

This is what the backs of the stamp sheets look like.

I have decided NOT to cut them out, but to leave the sheets whole. I'm still going to check off the Braves as having them. Although, I still want individuals for any PC guys.

There's Hank along with Mays.

I got this book from Fred (my favorite vendor/dealer). Fred totally hooked up this trip. I spent a total of $100.00 with Fred. These were just the start. I value this book with intact sheets at $30.00. If you are interested in the complete AL & NL complete with sheets go here   1969 Photo Stamp sheets


  1. I have a couple individuals from this set, and they're nice. Good star-power in your cards.

  2. I've never seen whole sheets before. It's kind of neat!