Thursday, October 21, 2021

Quarters anyone?

 Some of us remember playing quarters. I would imagine a few of us may have been pretty good at  it too. Alas, I'm not posting about that drinking game. Pretty much everything else I picked up at the last card show cost a quarter or less. I have four different posts with these pick ups. Tonight's came from 

I didn't grab these for me. I just couldn't pass on the parallel that I hadn't seen before.

Same goes for the Piscotty up top. I'm not sure which one is a parallel, but they are different. Couldn't pass on the Adam Jones, just too purty to leave in th ebox.

Took a chance on the Chippers and I did have most of them already.

All in all I picked up 262 cards from this seller at just under a quarter a piece.


  1. Love that Shinjo! Don't see many of that set around, I have been trying to complete it for years.

  2. That Maury Wills is the best Polo Grounds card I've seen. Love the background.

  3. Nice haul! Love the Maddux Laser die cut and Aaron TWCC

  4. Great pickups, the Sonics being my faves. I've been trying to finish the 95 set since 95.

  5. I believe I still need that Wills Sonic. ... Some of those '80s sets came and went without me noticing.