Friday, October 15, 2021

Let's do this

 I'd love to start off with telling y'all good morning (5:00am) as I am writing, but this won't post for roughly 15 hours so be safe this weekend. :)

some 2021's.

Complete 12 card Colla Collection Nolan Ryan.

I went through Fred's player "stacks" again. Grabbed up some more Trout. The 2nd card there I have no idea what that is. I have told myself it is the rainbow foil, but I've never seen a card that looks like that.

Nice chunk of cards to add to the PC boxes that yeah gets sorted again next year. Approximately 15,000 PC cards to check against my haves lists. Yes, I NOW HAVE THAT DATA again. I didn't get all of the data off of my old laptop, but I did get all of my Excel files which is where all my card data was stored. I also retrieved the "scanned" pictures which are the cards I had planned to post about last month. I have so many post keyed up right now that should carry a couple of weeks, but I will get to those "old scans". 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have a couple of those cards. I feel like a real collector now.

    Thinking that Banks wins it, though that goofy faux '86 Topps Alonso is tempting.