Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wacky Wednesday: Series 10

 Some garbage is working on blogger tonight. Having a hard time getting this post out.

With these 15 stickers I am down to needing just 3 more. Of course one is the the rare Pupsi. The other two are casket soap and coffin mate. I have apx half of the printing variations (*  **) as well. Now, I do want the complete puzzle with Pupsi on the checklist, I have it without. 


  1. Another great series. Is the Pupsi card rare because it was pulled from packs? Or is it just rare, because it was super popular?

  2. Pupsi was pulled early on in production, making is very short printed. The checklists with Pupsi on it are not rare (yet I don't have any of those either).

    1. Bummer. Just looked up the image and it's a cool card. Like the Mountain Goo it's cool to see the old school style cans.